Jul 5, 2009

The loud NDP Rehearsal

Yesterday evening, di-di & I went down to Esplanade Bay for a picnic with my pal, Timothy and his sister, Bethany. And as a bonus, we were also going to catch the military displays right in front of the Bay 'cos it was the NDP Combined Rehearsal 3! Woot!

Erm, as you can tell... once Transformers come into play, it was extremely difficult to peel us away to smile at the cam. Hee hee...

Di-di, on the other hand, was enjoying his lasagna in the breeze...

Erm, actually you can tell lah just by looking at his mouth. :P

But the both of us didn't eat much though... probably 'cos we were eagerly anticipating to see the helicopters & fighter jets!

And of course, we quickly choped waterfront seats to guarantee a good view. Heh.

As always, it was an arduous task to get all 4 kiddos to look, not even smile, at the camera at the same time.

Finally, we caught a glimpse of the Red Lions spiraling down the sky!

They were lined up ever so neatly in one single file...

The wind was pretty strong though... but they all managed to make a safe landing onto the floating platform. Not that we saw lah, but we could hear loud cheers from the grandstand. :P

Then, a short break with our Autobots, before the next segment began.

A high speed chase on the sea by the Navy & Polic Coast Guard boats was next and boy, was it thrilling! With lots of loud sounds which made me cupped my ears too.

The Chinook then took over the show...

... and it hovered so very close to us that we all thought we were going to get really wet!

I saw the ramp open and out jumped the naval divers. Cool!

As the Chinook disappeared into the horizon...

... the most deafening segments of all began to float into place.

The 21 Gun Salute! The first time it is done on water, and the first time anyone of us had seen it so up close! Oh, my poor ears! :P

But first, it was time for the fly past and our national anthem, Majulah Singapura.

Timothy's uncle was in the Apache, escorting the Singapore Flag.

And then, it was BOOM Time!

Di-di & I had our hands firmly covering our ears, and our bodies tightly hugged by Daddy & Mummy ALL THE TIME. No wonder it didn't felt so loud and scary. Hee hee...

It was really a fun outing by the bay with Timothy & Bethany! Thanks for inviting us! :)

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