Sep 28, 2009

Free labour

It was pretty much a relaxing past weekend for di-di & me - we had our art class on Saturday morning, followed by a curiosity trip down to the spanking new City Square mall at Serangoon Road and ended off our Saturday with a dip in the pool.

On Sunday, we had our our swim class in the morning and put back the calories after that all thanks to the roti prata breakfast. Hee hee... Then we were down to Kong-kong's & Por-por's place, where Daddy enlisted di-di & me as free labour.

Yup, it was to wash his dirty car. Not that we minded of course.

In fact, it was I who kept pestering Daddy to wash his car... 'cos you know, di-di & I love playing with water. Erm, but that's NOT the point. :P

The point was that we were hard at work - scrubbing and cleaning the car really hard. Well, only at the parts where we could reach anyway.

After the soaping came the part where I loved the most!

Watering the car to rid it of all the soapy bubbles. And what better way to do it than the old fashioned way - splashing! Hee hee...

Needless to say, we were all wet... but we sure had fun! kekeke...

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