Sep 9, 2009

Fly kites Fly!

Last Sunday, Kong-kong finally had the chance to bring kor-kor & me to fly our new kites. The kites flew all the way from China you know, where Kong-kong & Por-por had bought them when they were there for a holiday a few weeks back.

And so off on his trusty scooty Kor-kor went...

...while I struggled to keep up with my cheery trike.

I'm still pretty stubborn when it comes to pedaling; always wanting to use my legs ala The Flinstones-style than to use the pedals. Hee.

Anyway, back to the main stars of the day - the KITES!

As you can see, both of us were very excited to see our kites soar up into the air... Especially Kor-kor, who was running around everywhere to make his kite fly higher & higher.

I just took my kite for a stroll and let the wind do the work for me. Smarter hor? HAHAHA...

In the end, we ran ourselves really tired, but we also had loads of fun too!

See, I was so tired I had to take 5. :P

And as always, fun time ended all too soon, and we had to head back for our bath & dinner... Kor-kor scooted back, with me propping up the rear end as usual. OK, maybe I should really pedal more.

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