Oct 2, 2009

Getting woggy with it on a polliday!

Previously on Children's Day...

Di-di thought the day had ended when we fetched Mummy from work and headed back home for our lunch and afternoon nap. But as I had predicted, our Children's Day wasn't quite over yet.

And true enough... when we awoke, we were bundled into the car and headed to one of di-di's & my current fave places!

Know where yet?

Yah, it's Polliwogs!

It had been exactly a month since we last went there; and yes-sir, I have been missing it very much!

And since we were there in the late afternoon, we had a great chance to try out the outdoor bouncy pirate ship as it wasn't too hot already.

You should have seen how fast di-di & me scurry up the ladder, and come whee-ing down the steep slide in double quick time!

Very very FUN! Hee hee...

I even befriended a jie-jie and it was safe to say she enjoyed the slide very much too. :P

I have forgotten how many times we went down the slide liao... Definitely a crowd pleaser this pirate ship.

Then it was time to head back indoors for some air-conditioned comfort. Or so Daddy suggested.

Well, air-con or no air-con, we still continued our madness fun!

And this time, di-di & I made more friends... and together, we loaded up the giant gun with foam balls and fired away... at Daddy. :P

Which, I have to admit, was kind of fun... & funny. Hahaha...

We played ourselves silly til it was half an hour to closing time, when I declared, "I only have a bit of energy left before I faint. I need to eat dinner!" Heh.

And since we children were the kings of the day, Daddy & Mummy duly obliged. What a terrific day!

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