Nov 5, 2009

AussieMonkies: Day 6

Eumundi Market - Noosa Beach

After having a jam-packed & fun-filled yesterday, Daddy & Mummy decided to let kor-kor & me take things easy today.

And being a Saturday, coupled with the fact that we were in Noosa, it made perfect sense to head on down to Sunshine Coast's Number 1 attraction - the Eumundi Market. Which, by the way, is open only on every Wednesdays and Saturdays from early morning til slightly after lunch time.

It is like our pasar malam but with a tiny difference - it is one GIANT marketplace, with over 600 stalls selling a variety of interesting stuff from handicraft & clothings to fresh produce. Daddy & Mummy were cross-eyed jsut by looking at the zig-zag rows of the stalls there.

On top of that, there were many buskers scattered throughout the market, complete with stalls selling yummy food. We even spotted one stall selling laksa & nasi padang! Wah... but no Ramly's Burger or kueh tutu leh...

*Oh, and a cheekiemonkie tip - Try to get there before 8.30AM 'cos it can get really crowded after that time when all the tour buses start coming in.

And what do you know, there just happened to be a big kids' playground beside the market! How very convenient. For the parents, I mean. :P

So with Mummy off to wander the market on her own, kor-kor & I made full use of the playground's facilities... 'cos in kor-kor's words, "Shopping is so boring!" Wahahaha!

The playground was pretty amazing, with lots of rides for us to choose from... there was a train for us to hop onto...

... a giant cup for us to get all dizzy and tizzy...

... or just simply a giant web for kor-kor to realize his Spiderman's aspirations.

And when it was finally time to leave, the morning was still rather early actually... so we headed back to our apartment for a cool down.

In the POOL! WOOT!

After splashing ourselves silly and wolfing down our lunch, we made up for all our loss of afternoon naps over the past few days by sleeping the afternoon away.

And when we awoke, it was time to head down to Hastings Street and Noosa Beach!

Erm, only problem was that the wind at the beach was SO strong, not to mention cccc-cold!

You can't really tell from the photo, but I was really shivering every now and then. But even then, I flatly refused to go back 'cos kor-kor & I were determined to finish up our sandcastles first. Heh.

Mummy, on the other hand, was shivering non-stop... now you know why the photos were not very clear hor? Hahaha...

Anyway, to Mummy's relief, we headed back to the warm comfort of our room soon after where we got ready for bed.

While Daddy & Mummy were busy packing up our luggage as it was time for the nomadic monkies to shift once more. Hee hee... I wonder where we will be off to tomorrow???

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