Nov 13, 2009

AussieMonkies: Days 11, 12 & the end

Day 11
Eco-cruise - Brisbane - South Bank

Today was our last day on the beautiful island of Moreton, and truth be told, kor-kor & I were a bit reluctant to leave. Me think Daddy & Mummy too... So in order not to waste such a beautiful day, we were really early to catch the Pelican Feeding down by the jetty.

The pelicans were really quite huge, and they can gobble, or rather, swallow one whole fish in a split second!

Did you notice we were decked out in our swim wear? Hee hee... Aiyah, since got some time to spare... no need to waste the pretty beach right?

Kor-kor was especially overjoyed I tell you... He had been always wanting to go to the beach everyday while we were at the resort.

I think he will make a good fish, no? :P

But soon it was time to head on back to check out our room... bye bye clear water!

But our adventures on the island were not over yet! We had signed up for a eco-cruise - where we would take a ferry which would bring us out into the open sea in search for dugongs, sea turtles & manta rays.

Wow, sounds fun hor? Erm, only thing was... I fell asleep in the ferry! Heh. So in the end I slept through the whole cruise, but at least kor-kor spotted quite number of giant sea turtles & manta rays swimming just below the sea surface.

There was this one rare chance that Daddy & kor-kor caught a turtle poking his head out of the water for some air, but it lasted all but 2 seconds me think.

No dugongs were sighted in the end though, at least that was what kor-kor told me. One would have to be extremely lucky to spot one... but at least Daddy, Mummy & kor-kor took lots of photos! Haha...

And when we got back to the pier to catch another ferry back to Brisbane, I decided I had enough sleep and woke up to enjoy the journey back to the mainland.

And with that, we reached our final leg of our travels - Brisbane South Bank.

It was already starting to get dark when we checked in to Rydges South Bank. But as usual, the sight of the nice room perked kor-kor & me up immediately!

Voted as the world’s best downtown public space by the International Downtown Association, South Bank is Brisbane's arts and entertainment precinct and has lots of children-friendly amenities.

There are lush gardens & lawns, three interactive playgrounds, the Wheel of Brisbane (much like our Singapore Flyer), weekend art & craft markets... and the most important of all (and kor-kor's & my fave), Streets Beach - a man-made beach right in the middle of the city! It even has a lagoon for people to take a dip.... shiok!

Which kor-kor & I would be able to see them all the next day, Daddy & Mummy promised. Drats.

Day 12
Queen Street Mall - South Bank

Today was designated to be the official shopping day as we would be heading home the next day. How very boring, thought the both of us. Well, at least I got my trusty pram so I better don't complain.

And so, we headed down to the 'Orchard Road' of Brisbane city - Queen Street, where the first thing we had to do was to look for some place to fill our growling tummies.

And my, what a hearty breakfast we had! Yum!

After that, the shopping expedition began in full swing... and luckily there were enough toys shops there to keep kor-kor & me entertained. Hee hee...

Daddy & Mummy shopped, we had lunch, Daddy & Mummy shopped some more, we slept, Daddy & Mummy continued to shop, we woke up, Daddy & Mummy were still going strong! And guess how much was the parking charges? A$49 for a full day parking! And you thought that Singapore's parking was expensive!

And since Daddy & Mummy promised to bring us to South Bank, we made our way there in the later part of the afternoon...

No prizes for guessing which part of the giant park we zoomed in first.


As the sun began to set, kor-kor remembered there was still the man-made beach that we had yet to visit.

So we walked a bit further down, gleefully removed our footwear and started playing with the sand.

We didn't take a dip though, 'cos it was getting late and the water was too cold for my comfort I reckoned. But kor-kor did try letting his feet get wet...

And all these while when we were having fun, Mummy was having some fun on her own by thronging the weekend lifestyle market beside the beach.

Feeling thoroughly satisfied, we then packed our dinner back to our hotel room... where Daddy & Mummy had to pack our luggage for the final time before we bid farewell to Brisbane.

It had been a very enjoyable trip for kor-kor & me... the both of us really enjoyed ourselves lots and lots, and I think Daddy & Mummy too lah! And as usual, kor-kor nearly didn't want to come back. :)

Til our next travel adventure!

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