Nov 23, 2009

New Hairstyle

Di-di & I didn't do anything much over the weekend - we just spent both days mostly at home or at Kong-kong's & Por-por's place.

The only interesting change was that di-di & I went to the, erm... barber to get our hair trimmed and I got a new look! :P

Gone were my slightly long hair at the back, and replaced with what Daddy termed as the 'primary school' hairstyle. Mummy said it made me look so much more boyish & impish looking. Well, I can't help that can I? Hee hee...

At least now I don't feel as hot when I perspire!

Di-di, too got a nice trim and me think it made him look so much cuter lor! Hahaha...

So now, with our haircuts out of the way, it is time to enjoy our holidays! Woot!

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