Nov 26, 2009

Transformers Sighting!

Tonight, it was just like any other weekday. Where di-di & I were waiting for Daddy & Mummy to fetch us after work. But then, sneaky Daddy sprung a surprise and declared that we were headed down to the Turf Club in the night.

It was all our first time heading down to the Turf Club, and it sure looked very big. There was a carnival there, with stalls selling knick-knacks, food and game stations for us kids to play too! Pretyy nice atmosphere I must say... especially since it was rather breezy there. :P

Holding onto balloons that were larger than our heads, we sat down on the benches just in time to see the race horses coming onto the tracks to show us what they can really do - gallop really fast!

Ahhh... but that was not the REAL reason for us to be there lor. Optimus Prime & Bumblebee were the main draw for di-di & me!

My buddy, Timothy, also joined us at the Turf Club - which was also a big surprise for me 'cos sneaky (again!) Daddy didn't tell me beforehand. :P

We were all too happy to be so close to the Autobots, and I even got to hi-five Mr. Prime. Teehee...

So we continued posing like the Transformers after the meet 'n' greet session...

... until something fun in the distance caught our eyes!

Bouncy red horses! How can we say no to them???

Erm, ALL that bouncing had definitely raised our energy levels even higher... Well, if Daddy could catch all 4 of us smiling at the SAME TIME at the camera, it definitely meant that we were all in such a fantastic (or was that fanatic?) mood!

Yup, confirm.

Double confirm + chop somemore!

Wahahaha.... so it came as no surprise that we were a tad reluctant to say goodbye to one another when it was time to head home.

But at least there is the Thomas show to look forward to next week! :P

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