Nov 16, 2009

Walking into a Christmas Tree

No, di-di & I didn't langar a Christmas Tree or anything like that. :P

We were down at Orchard Road last Saturday night to catch an early glimpse of the Christmas Light-up. And if you know us, you would know that to get Daddy to head on down to town on a Weekend is like asking the pandas from China to come stay in our zoo. Zilch chance.

Oh wait.

That already happened, didn't it?

Erm, which explained why we were down at Orchard Road a busy and crowded Saturday evening! Wahaha!

The usual Orchard Light-up aside, this year marks the first year ION Orchard is celebrating Christmas. And what better way to attract all the attention than to have a huge tree planted outside with a hollow body for people to walk in!

Yup, we were able to walk inside the tree to gaze upwards at all the pretty lighting within the tree.

Absolutely mesmerizing, if u ask me.

And it must have hypnotized di-di, 'cos he didn't want us to bug him to take photos. :P

Well, he did eventually. Possibly 'cos his neck got tired I suppose. Hee.

We lingered around the area a while more, before we took the slow walk down Orchard Road to admire the street light-up.

Which was pretty nice this year. Well, at least, it had di-di & me straining our necks to look up (again!) and around, especially whenever we passed these huge balls.

But nothing beats the air-con comfort of the shopping malls lah. OR at least that's what Daddy said. :P

Maybe we'll be back again once again when Christmas draws nearer. Or maybe not since it can only get more crowded. OR maybe, just maybe when the dinosaurs decide to invade the Jurong Bird Park.


They are coming huh?


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