Dec 17, 2009

Dinosaurs Alive!

Di-di & I were down at United Square to get a sneak peek at some dinosaurs that were said to be roaming there. No, not Barney & friends.

But a much fiercer-looking dino!

I was initially quite taken aback when I first came face to face with it. Hee hee... 'cos we had to enter a dark container to see the dinosaur mah. But after I had ascertained that it was motionless (& rubbery), I wanted a photo with it and even patted its head. :P

This dinosaur is just part of a bigger roaming contingent of Dinosaurs that have been already been sighted at the Jurong Bird Park. Don't think we can give it a miss right? Hah!

From dinosaurs to something tamer and cuter...

A duckie! And I got to pilot it while di-di was relishing his role as a backseat driver as well.

These float rides are just outside the fountain area at United Square, and look at all the animals that joined in the fun!

Rides go for $6 for a 10 minutes drive, but if 2 persons share one ride, then it's $7 for the same 10 minutes. Well, not exactly cheap... but at least it put smiles on our faces. Right, Daddy? Kekeke...

Well, in the end we had a stroke of good fortune as the duckie's timer was faulty... so we ended up happily floating on the duckie's back for a good 20 minutes! No wonder di-di relinquished his seat with nary a whine.

Then it was back to the Dinosaurs area for a final activity of the day - colouring dinos!

Not too bad a day at a mall... now I'm just looking forward to the day when I come face to face with many more dinosaurs. But first, gotta work on my Rawwrrr!.

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