Jan 15, 2010

First Zoo visit of 2010

It had been quite a long time since we last stepped into the Zoo; so being a brand new year, di-di & me made a New Year resolution to wish all the animals in the Zoo a very happy new year in person. And guess what, our resolution was achieved!

It sure didn't take long right? Hee hee...

We first paid the zebras a visit - di-di's fave animals by the way...

Followed by my fave animals - the giraffes. And I got to feed them breakfast too!

Well, if you know us monkies, you would know too that the animals weren't the main draw of our visit lah - it's the Rainforest Kidz Waterplay area!!!

We have missed it so very much you know... I scooted off before Daddy could even take off his footwear. :P

Ditto for di-di. Heh.

No need words to tell you how much fun we had hor? Kekeke...

Di-di & I not only ran circles round the water area; we also bade our time to join the many kids under the giant bucket as it tips over, sending torrential rain down on us. Wahaha... So fun!

As it approached noon, Mummy beckoned us to return to our tables for lunch... but you know us monkies lah... we were having way too much fun to budge.

Erm, not that hugging a pole would be of any use. Hahaha... Or at least I tried to explain to di-di.

But faced with the prospect of our fast-depleting energy & growling tummies, di-di & I grudgingly had our lunch.

But since we were all such angels during mealtime, we got our play pass extended after lunch. Woohoo!

We eventually tired out - no thanks to Daddy who kept chasing us like a giant sea creature! :P

But we really had bucketloads of fun and Daddy & Mummy had the rest of the peaceful afternoon off as di-di & I snoozed away at home.

And you can count on me to 'suggest' to Daddy & Mummy to bring us back really soon!

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