Jan 22, 2010

Weekend of Birthdays 2

After Saturday's birthday celebration & impromptu dip in the pool, Sunday was another Birthday lunch to celebrate Jor-jor's 83rd birthday.

Mummy couldn't join us though 'cos she had to work... and so after dropping her off, Daddy & us monkies made our way to the 7th Storey Seafood & Steamboat Restaurant at the Marina Barrage to meet up with Kong-kong, Por-por & the rest of our relatives.

But as we were quite early, we made our way up to the uppermost deck of the Barrage, only to see that there were so many people there flying kites!

It was definitely a very pretty sight... and no wonder di-di was in such high spirits! Hee hee...

The weather was rather good as well, and we had fun trying to make out the various shapes of the kites fluttering in the sky... oh, and also to take some loving photos too. :)

You know that we really had too much time on our hands when Daddy also started to join in and make funny faces as well. :P

I forgot to bring my own camera along, so I borrowed Daddy's camera to take a few shots of the colourful kites against the Flyer backdrop. And the photo below is one such shot taken by me.

Not bad huh? Kekeke...

After goofing around some more, it was time to head down to fill up our tummies!

During lunch, I pestered Kong-kong to see if he could get me a kite... and what do you know, one of my relatives, Aunty Christine, brought along 2 kites! Woohoo!

But first, di-di & I had the important task of aiding Jor-jor with his birthday candles.

One mighty puff each from the both of us did the trick and soon, I was busy helping to distribute the plates of cakes. Happy Birthday, Jor-jor!

And soon, we were all set and ready to go...

... back up to fly my kite!

Di-di wasn't too interested in kite flying though; he was having too much fun scampering around, climbing up & down, and basically make the adults run after him lor. Hee hee...

As for me, I was really enjoying my kite flying... though I didn't manage to make it go too high up in the sky.

And what better way to end the fun day than to blow some bubbles.. once again thanks to Aunty Christine!

As an added bonus, Kong-kong & Por-por followed di-di & me back to our place for a dip in our swimming pool after our afternoon nap. MOST definitely a rewarding day if you ask me!

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