Jan 28, 2010

Weekend of Birthdays 3

Continuing from where we had left off the previous weekend, it was yet again time to celebrate Birthdays last Sunday. And this time, we headed down to Benji kor-kor's & Sarah's place to celebrate their birthdays. It really seems that lots of people are born in the month of January like me hor? Hee.

That's the both of us, enjoying a private nice meal together in the 'beer garden', complete with music! Benji's sister was assigned to sit behind us while we finished our dinner... 'cos you know lah, we boys always talk too much whenever we get together! :P

She looked way too comfortable for her task me think. Hahaha...

And the main star of the celebration soon made its grand entrance!

Very beautiful cake & cupcakes! And all homemade... they truly tasted yummilicious! As usual, all of us children were only way too eager to blow out the candles...

Well, we had to wait for quite a while though... as the adults made us sing the Birthday song in English, Mandarin and even Melayu!

But the wait was worthwhile for Benji kor-kor & Sarah...

Happy Birthday to the both of you, Benji kor-kor & Sarah! Hope you enjoyed your party! :)

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