Feb 12, 2010

Adults eat, we play!

It had been some time since di-di & I last caught up with our buddies, Timothy & Bethany... a whole 2 months in fact! :P

So when Daddy told us that we were going to have a Sunday brunch with them, us cheekiemonkies naturally cheered in unison! Hee.

And to top it off, we had our makan at the Sol Playground Cafe at Turf City... which was the most-est & best-est idea, 'cos of the giant playground that all of us loved! Whee!

Well, it came as no surprise that all of us totally enjoyed our long playtime at the playground... in fact the rumble & tumble down the winding slide was the highlight of our play! Hahaha...

Yup, all 3 of us rolled down the slide like one giant ball... :P

Too bad Timothy's sister, Bethany was in some sort of clingy mood... so she didn't want to join us after a while. But we the 3 boys still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves very very much!

Then midway through out play, we had to constantly run away from this certain monster in the form of Daddy, who was terrorising the playground...

Of course all 3 of us outran him lah! HAHAHAHA...

Til our next playdate!!!

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