Mar 25, 2010

Redang Tanning Part 2

Day 3 at Laguna Redang, and we were all set, dressed up and ready to set off for our first-ever snorkel trip!

We had to take a 10 min boat ride to another part of Redang Island, where we were told that there would be many many fishes for us to ogle in the sea...

Can you tell that all of us were super excited? Hee hee...

We finally reached, and it was a lucky thing that we brought along bread too... 'cos there were so many fishes there and they looked as if they hadn't eaten for days!

Yep, I was suddenly the fishes' best friend.

Di-di & I were initially a tad apprehensive to go out far in the ocean... 'cos our feet can't touch the sand mah. :P

So the both of us just stayed close to the coast and looked at the fishes swim circles around us, while Daddy went off to do some exploring on his own...

Wow, so many tiny fishes! And as the time passed, di-di & I got more confident liao... and Daddy brought us much further out into the sea where we popped our heads into the water to look at the beautiful underwater life.

Di-di & I even told Daddy & Mummy not to hold on to us and let us float freely in the sea... hee hee...

We really had a great time frolicking (& baking) in the sea... so much so that we were a bit reluctant to go when it was time for us to board the boat back to the resort.

Then it was back to our rooms for a quick bath & lunch before enjoying the comfort of our beds.

And when we awoke, di-di made a tiny request.

To go to the Swimming Pool! WAHAHAHA...

Obviously it was just what I wanted as well. :P

Too much fun in the water can make one much hungrier easily... and so lucky for us, we got to munch on pizza, burgers & chicken wings right by the pool to replenish our energy.

I know... confirm fat hor. Hahaha... Because if that wasn't enough, there were other eateries that line the beach other than the restaurants at Laguna. Eateries that sell Ramly burgers, dimsum, crabs, and basically other yummy tze char kind of food! See, how to keep slim???

We even had prata, or roti canai as it is known in Malaysia, for supper lor! No wonder di-di had to remain so active to keep his fats burning.

Next day, and it was our final full day at Redang... and yes, it was going to be a water-themed day as well!

After some early morning bubbles fun with Kong-kong, we were off for a quick breakfast...

... before hitting the beach for one last time. *sob*

We brought along our snorkeling gear as well, as we were able to see many fishes, mainly groupers, swimming further out from the beach too...

And in the evening, there was a beach party held out on the beach by the resort... and no way di-di & I were going to pass up on that!

You should have seen the both of us shake & groove to the music man. Hahaha... And we were standing right in the front row, following every dance step that the uncle was doing lor... kekeke...

And so, with the end of the party, it also meant that our stay at Laguna was coming to an end too.

We had a great holiday just relaxing by the beach and doing the stuff that di-di & I love - which is playing by the beach and swimming in the pool. Me think Mummy also enjoyed lots too, 'cos she finished 2 whole storybooks on this trip!

We got an early ferry to catch the next morning, just in time to see Mr. Sun peeking out of the horizon.

And before we hopped back onto the plane for our return flight to Singapore, there was just the final small matter of shopping. Well, for the adults anyway. Heh.

So we headed down to the Teregganu bandar market for some local produce... like keropok which di-di absolutely love!

With that, we bade Teregganu & Redang farewell... with me saying I already miss the place. Yes yes, that's me getting all sentimental as usual. :P

And the first thing Ma-ma & Ye-ye said to di-di & me when they saw me back home? "Wah, so dark!" Hahaha...

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