Mar 8, 2010

Weekend of Plays

Last weekend, kor-kor & I had our fair share of plays. No, not the run run around kind at playgrounds but the watch-kind of plays lah. Hee.

On Saturday, we went for the
Child Size festival at the Arts House. There are 2 programmes on offer and we chose the Playden one, which comprises of a puppet show, dance & singing workshops, and a Art-making session.

Our fave session has got to be the singing workshop where both of us were, erm... easily the most enthusiastic kids in the room! Hahaha... And we rounded it off with some puppet making of our own.

See, it was too hot to pose under the sun lah, Daddy! No wonder both of us decided to seek refuge INSIDE the board after numerous attempts by Daddy to make us smile. :P

And since it was so very hot...

It made a perfect excuse to go swimming! Hee hee...

And come Sunday, we were off to watch another play - this time it was Bear & Chicken Get Ready for School. No pictures though, but we sure enjoyed ourselves all the same! :)

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