Apr 30, 2010

Clara's birthday at Polliwogs - More Pix!

Yay!!! Daddy's comp has been discharged! So here are the rest of the fun moments we had at Polliwogs to celebrate Clara's 5th Birthday last Saturday...

When we were all ushered into the party room to begin our games, di-di jumped for joy. Literally. Hee.

So there we were - all the children obediently sitting on the floor and listening intently to the gamemaster.

First game - Musical Charis!

The last three standing... guess who won???

Hee hee... me lor. I don't give chance one. :P

Next game - stuffing colour balls into Daddy & Uncle's Kasi XXXXXL shirts so as to make them look super 'muscular'! Hahahaha!

Nice, no? :P

Final game - Dance 'n' Freeze!

Di-di did a mighty fine job... although it was a bit exaggerated. But you can bet all of us had fun!

Then of course it was cake time!!!

And we kids also learn Singapore's favourite pastime young - QUEUE! Hee...

Aiyah, got cake to eat mah... so must queue lor.

And it was back to the playarea outside once we were done with all the eating... fun fun fun! Thanks Clara for inviting us! :)

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