May 6, 2010

5 kiddos & 1 super fun Genting trip! Part 1

Last Saturday was Labour Day, a public holiday which gave di-di & me the perfect reason to go for our first-ever overseas trip with our buddies - Benji, Clara & Sarah.

Genting was the chosen destination, and after setting off at 7am we finally arrived just past lunch time to check into our comfy Family room at the Theme Park Hotel!

Of the 3 times that we had been here, this was the first time that we took the Family Room and boy, we never regret lor! The room has been newly refurbished and it is so very big! Of course the view from our room was a very big bonus lah.

After some monkeying around in the room, all of us got zipped up in our jackets and prepared to hit the shopping mall.

No theme park rides for us just yet, 'cos we were promised all of that for the next day. And so, the adults just had their share of fun by shopping first while we kids patiently waited for the next day...

And the next morning, you should have seen us gobble up our breakfast in anticipation of the outdoor theme park promise! :P

Do we look excited to you? HAHAHA...

And so with the bands firmly wrapped around our wrists, we targeted our first ride of the day.

The carousel. Yah, something mild to start off the day 'cos breakfast hadn't digested fully yet. Heh.

Then we made our way to Dinosaurland - to see some plastic dinos roar away. Hahaha... Ok, it wasn't exactly very enticing, especially di-di & I had sat through the boat ride 3 times.

But we still enjoyed it nonetheless, 'cos the of the company mah. :P

After the Dino boat ride, it was just the issue of deciding which ride to go on first... and when we stumbled onto the bumper cars, it was a no-brainer.

Well, the spinning cups were very fun too, especially there are FIVE pairs of hands to turn the cup at the same time. Super whoozy I tell you. Hahaha...

Then all of us decided to go onto the Rodeo 'up-n-down' ride, which Clara was initially afraid to go on. But after seeing the rest of us have so much fun, she joined in the mayhem too!

We were screaming... for MORE and MORE after each ride ended. So in the end, the kind uncle let us go on it for a consecutive 3 times. Hahaha... yah lor, lucky no one was queuing behind us. :P

Then it was time to move on to other rides...

... followed by a breather (more for the PARENTS I think!) at the playground.

Where we, unsurprisingly, went absolutely wild as well. Hee.

We went for a few more rides after that, and even got to clown around with some erm, clowns, who gave us each a balloon sword.

With tummies rumbling, we made our way to the shopping mall for our lunch. We gobbled up that real fast too, 'cos there was yet another promise of a biggie - Animal Kaiser!

Yep, Benji, Clara & me particularly love this arcade game to bits, but our parents dictated that we can only play it in Malaysia though as it was way cheaper than in Singapore.

We even had time to go on some of the rides in the indoor theme park, though it felt as if both di-di & I had grown by a fair bit. Why? 'Cos the train car felt a tad tight with both of us squeezing together inside. :P

With that, we headed back to our rooms for a short recharge... before we head down to a mushroom farm for our dinner! Slurp!

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