Jun 21, 2010

I can see clearly now...


Do you know that in Singapore, 15% of our preschoolers, 33% of our primary one students and more than 70% of our youths who are completing their university education are myopic?

Wow, I don't want to be squinting my eyes no more.

Yes, taking good care of my eyes are going to be a huge problem for Daddy & Mummy to fret over, considering my academic work is only going to increase when I enter Primary School.

But at least if I am going to spend long nights poring over my books deep into the night, I know I can count on a friend.

I call him Mr. Giraffe, 'cos he's got a long bendy neck. Hee hee... Well, he's actually a lamp. But he's no ordinary lamp, he's a Polarizing Light from 3M™.

Traditional lighting causes glare thats results in eye fatique, headache and even, frequent tearing. And currently, all types of light tubes don't solve the problem of glare. In fact, the glare of some table lamps may worsen because of the inappropriate material used for the shading screen. Aiyoh!

So that's where my Mr. Giraffe comes in... The 3M™ patented Polarizing Light Filter Technology is capable of solving this problem of glare. It allows only comfortable light to pass through and converts all bad light into comfortable light!

Talk about having someone or something to watch over me. Heh.

Just take a look at the difference at how my homework looks like under normal lighting and under the 3M™ Polarizing Light.

Oh my, the left hand side is what I call bad bad light! Light that isn't friendly to my eyes. Hmmm... maybe I can use that as an excuse not to do my homework? :P

But with the 3M™ Polarizing Light, because the light becomes more illuminating, and yet remains soothing and comfy, it doesn't take a light to go off in my head to tell me that my eyes are well taken care of.

And of course, my work is done in doubly quick time! Hee.

All thanks to Mr. Giraffe!

Well, Daddy & Mummy know that having the Polarizing Light isn't the be all and end all solution to myopia. Forming good daily eye care habits help too:

- Spend less time on unnecessary near work - activities that require you to focus on small details or are done very close to to your eyes

- Let your eyes rest after every 30-40 minutes of near work.

- Sit in a correct and comfortable posture when you are at your desk.

- Ensure there is sufficient ambient lighting in the room.

- Maintain an eye distance of 30-40cm away from your reading materials.

- If your desk surface is too reflective (e.g. glass), cover it with a less reflective material.

- Ensure that there is even illumination on reading materials.

- Invest in a table lamp which reduces glare while providing ample lighting.

- When using table lamp at night, ensure that the room's main light is turned on too.

- Too much contrast in lighting will cause eyes to tire easily.

- The head of your table lamp should be installed above your line of vision to avoid direct glare.

And hopefully, di-di & me will be able avoid the fate that befell Daddy & Mummy - wear spectacles!!! :P

If you want to see the lamp for yourself, I remember fiddling with it at a Best Denki shop before. Oh, Daddy says that Popular bookstore, Carrefour, Home-Fix & Challenger sell it too. You may want to go down to take a look soon, 'cos a TravelPac™ backpack worth $79 is being given away FREE with every purchase of selected 3M™ Polarizing Light! But hurry, the promotion ends on 31st July 2010, or when stocks run out.

For more information on 3M™ Polarizing Light, you can visit here: http://www.3mpolarizinglight.com.sg/

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