Jun 15, 2010

To infinity & beyond!

Thanks to nuffnang, Daddy, kor-kor & I watched the Gala Premiere of Toy Story 3 last night at The Cathay! This was certainly an early surprise treat for all fo us (Daddy included) 'cos we didn't expect to catch it so soon, as much as we were dying to watch it (Daddy included too!).

In fact, we were so eager to watch it that we were all prepared to be made into Action Figures just so that that we can be with our fave characters - Buzz & Rex for kor-kor and Woody & Mr. Potatohead for me! Hee.

Those are definitely Limited Edition figurines I tell you. MISB somemore ah.

As for the show, what can we say? It was utterly brilliant! I think kor-kor & I went through a roller coaster of emotions - sometimes laughing out loud, while sometimes grabbing Daddy's arm during anxious moments.

Our rating for Toy Story 3? Five out of five. Daddy included. :)

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