Jul 7, 2010

Cheekiemonkies' Great Aussie Road Trip: Day 2

18th June: Katoomba, Blue Mountains

The next morning, we awoke to great sunshine and I excitedly wanted to go out to the balcony to soak it all in...

Well, it may seem all sunny but actually it was really quite chilly too! But I still wanted to have our breakfast outdoors. Hee.

Yum Yum yum... after all that food, di-di & I got to erm, pose for more photos for Daddy. :P

Then it was time to set off to the Blue Mountains! It's about 2.5 hours drive, and luckily we had our trusty portable DVD player with us. Oh, and also the anticipation of stopping by a MacDonald's along the way for our lunch!

The playgrounds at the MacDonald's restaurants there are so much more fun than those in Singapore's I tell you... hee hee... so many tunnels for us to crawl through and slides for us to try out! :P

Finally we reached the town, Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains.... and BRRRR, it was definitely time to pile on the thick clothings too.

We then trekked our way to the must-see attraction in the Blue Mountains - the Three Sisters.

I thought we were going to see 3 persons, but they turned out to be 3 big rocks instead. Hahahaha...

But the view was truly spectacular and amazing... and as nightfall was nearing, the rocks of the 3 Sisters actually changes colours according to the rays of the setting sun. Truly magical.

But it also meant that it was getting much colder and colder... and we HAD to go for a Hot Chocolate pitstop!

Mummy says this has got to be the BEST hot chocolate of our entire Aussie holiday! Warm milk was served, and we were supposed to add the tiny bits of chocolate into the milk as it was being heated up by a small flame. Then as the chocolate slowly melted, we sucked up all the goodness via a metal straw.

One word - SHIOK AH! Ok, that's 2 words... but di-di & I loved it so much that we started munching on the chocolate bits BEFORE we added them into the warm milk! Hee hee...

Erm can you tell that we enjoyed ourselves lots? :P

Yes yes, my mouth leaves little to imagination. Hahaha...

And with warm fuzzy tummies, we headed back to our lodging all contented...

... 'cos we had to recharge for the next day, which was going to be a fun-filled day as it was the once-in-a-year Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba!

We can hardly wait! :)

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