Jul 9, 2010

Cheekiemonkies' Great Aussie Road Trip: Day 4

20th June: Sydney

Next morning, kor-kor & I woke up right and cheery 'cos it was time to drive back down to Sydney to see what it has to offer. And yes, we made a Macs pitstop along the way... just so that kor-kor & I can check out the tunnels at the playground once more. Hee.

And after 1.5 hours of drive, we finally reached Sydney and checked-in to our our hotel we did!

We stayed at Hyde Park Inn, which was very nice! The room was very spacious and airy, with enough beds for all of us. Hee hee... Ooh, we also had a kitchenette to cook for of our meals too - means Daddy & Mummy no need to eat fish & chips or burgers everyday liao. Hahaha... And our room comes with a nice view of Hyde Park too!

Then it was time to go shopping at Paddy's Markets...

To be honest, the wares that are sold at Paddy's Markets made us feel that we were in one of the pasar malams here in Singapore. A lot of the stuff like bags, toys, etc sold there looked extremely familiar but at a higher price. :P

At least there was the mega shopping centre, Market City, which was directly above the Markets. This one is much better as there were quite number of outlet stores of major brands. No need to say, my baby sister got her wardrobe stocked up. Hee.

Then we did some grocery shopping before heading back to our room to whip up dinner!

You know, kor-kor & I absolutely adore soups - the Chinese kind, not angmoh ones hor. :P So it was a real treat for the both of us to have watercress soup right here in Australia. Hahaha...

But our night did not end there - The Vivid Sydney 2010 festival is a festival of lights and music and coincidentally, it was on its last night when we were there, so we took the chance to walk down Macquarie Street for the Macquarie Visions Light-up.

All the historical buildings along the street were magically lit, complete with colourful 'wallpapers' for their exterior.

Beautiful isn't it? We certainly enjoyed it!

There were street performers along the street as well, and they all had one thing in common - the use of light and music in their performances.

We continued walking down the stretch of Macquarie Street...

... until we came to the Sydney Opera House.

And it was beautifully lit up as well!

And after we soaked all the sights in, we even participated in one of the show along the way back to our hotel.

Just some twirling of light sticks... nothing to too difficult for kor-kor & me. But we sure enjoyed ourselves!

And as we were done for the day (and night), I thought I heard Daddy telling Mummy that we were going to see some dinosaurs tomorrow! Ooooh....

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