Aug 31, 2010

Hectic Saturday of FUN!

Thanks to all your well-wishes - Daddy is recovering very well... in fact so well that di-di & I had an action-packed Saturday over the weekend!

We caught a play, 'Upstairs in the Sky', at the DBS Arts Centre in the morning and we really enjoyed it lots!

Ahh, but the more fun bits were yet to come as we headed down to DXO to meet up with Clara after that.

YUP, DXO the clubbing club. Hee hee... the one that adults go to chiong. But no worries, we haven't taken to the nightlife (yet) but it was the inaugural Baby Loves Disco Singapore edition being held there!

So it was actually a fun-filled gathering for all toddlers, children and adults alike, with finger food, drinks (non-alcoholic of course!), disco music, lightings and party goodies!

The music soon got int our system and we couldn't wait to hit the dance floor... catch the many bubbles hovering around the dance floor! Hee hee...

The retro music being spun was good - good enough to get the adults jiggy with it. :P

And Clara, di-di & me even pranced onto the stage to lead the floor in one mass dance event. Hahahaha.... of course Daddy had to be dragged up along with us. :P

After 2.5 hours of solid dancing fun in the afternoon, we headed down to Thomson Medical Centre to welcome the arrival of Daddy's friends' newborn - Baby Zenith!

And I got a nice surprise as we bumped into Benji & Sarah at the ward too.

I think by this time, our batteries were 60% drained but we still had one more engagement to attend and that was Brandon's & Kaylene's newborn sister's full month party!

Happy one month, Baby Tricia! Faster grow up so that you can run amok together with us... much like we did that night at your party. Hee hee...

With so much fun in one single day, it was no surprise that di-di & I zonked out at 8.30pm that night! Hmmmm... I wonder if Daddy & Mummy sneaked out for any supper session or not... :P

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