Aug 15, 2010

I get knocked down but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down

Over the weekend, Daddy & Mummy decided to put our blades and skates to good use... so off they packed di-di & me to the Botanic Gardens for a lesson in balance.

It was the first time donning my rollerblades, and it was sure tough trying to stay up on my 2 feet! Di-di was having an easier time though, primarily 'cos he was wearing my old Fisherprice skates.

He could pretty much balance well on the skates, but ask him to start moving... well, there was the erm, occasional slip.

THUD. Hee hee...

Luckily we were both well padded.

I soon got the hang of balancing after a while, and began to walk ever so gingerly on the ground.

Hey, at least we got improvement okay? Heh.

But a sudden gust of wind blew in our direction and we tumbled down like Lego bricks.

Hahaha, ok just kidding. :P

But seriously, I had fun though I couldn't exactly be mobile enough to blade... but at least I was game to go for lessons in blading when Mummy pitched the idea to me. :)

As for di-di, he was complaining about the heat after 20 minutes of the balancing act. -_-

With famished tummies, we headed down to a place we had never been before - The Tanglin Tree.

It's a bistro, opposite Tanglin Mall. The food is pretty decent and prices are reasonable, but we all know that couldn't be the main reason for us being there right?

The REAL reason is this:

A colourful wooden play house, together with swings and slides, is the obvious attraction for families with young children. Heh.

And obviously, di-di & I went absolutely wild when we saw it.

It's built on sand by the way, much like a beach house... so if you are not icky about having sand between your toes (like us!), you will definitely have a great time climbing up and down the house...

... and sliding your way all the way down!

Or having a swing or two would be just as nice too!

There's also a tiny non-sand play area for toddlers at the side, together with a small sink and hose for a quick wash-up when our food arrived.

Needless to say, we gobbled up our food pretty fast so as to spend more time back at the play house. Kekekekeke...

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M said...

If going for blading class, the coach may insist the kids use their school's gear. Ashton's blades look similar to a set I borrowed and one of the classes we trialed absolutely refused to let us use that. These skates are great for building up confidence though not great on certain surfaces (depends venue of class too).

Also missing helmet and wristguard, quite expensive gear investment if u do sign them for classes :) , hehe.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Wowee, that's really an expensive learning investment!!! Hopefully they wouldn't give up after just one lesson! :P

Thanks for all your tips!

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