Sep 27, 2010

Lego Games!

Daddy found out about this new line of board games from Lego, and he was getting all excited about them! Well, for starters the games aren't the conventional board games.

We had to build up the play pieces from scratch (it's Lego after all), and then we can customise the rolling dice with different colour pieces to vary the playing rules. Sounds fun already! :)

And so for our first game from Lego, Daddy got us this Wild Wool game - one where we had to shear some sheep and keep them away from the big bad wolf!!! Yikes!

So we diligently went about constructing our sheep first... and tadah!

Really cute sheep they are huh... plus the menacing wolf in the background which is ready to pounce on our wool with a wrong throw of the dice!

The objective of the game is simple - to gather as much wool as possible from the pile of white bricks and fix it on our sheep. Once the wool has filled up our whole sheep, we can then shear it and store it away. But along the way, depending on the thrown dice, our sheep can be exchanged between players or worse, the wolf will be able to come and chew all our wool away. :P

And yes, we monkies loved the game lots!!! Hee.

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