Oct 14, 2010

Interview with Rick Astley!

Last Friday, one day before THE Retrolicious concert, Daddy & me together with Unlce Raymond & Agnes jie-jie, were invited to Mediacorp to meet Rick Astley in person, and for an interview with The New Paper.

We were given instructions to dress up - hence the funny retro costumes. Hahaha... But anyway, not that I know who this Uncle Rick is... BUT I do recognise some of his songs like 'Never Gonna Give You Up' & 'Together Forever'! But he's Uncle Raymond's & Daddy's idol when they were in primary school you know. :P

So yes, all the adults left Caldecott Hill really happy and satisfied. Something like when I get to meet Optimus Prime in person too. Hee.

And the next morning, this is what appeared in The New Paper.

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