Oct 21, 2010


Well, this post has been a long time coming... but Daddy had to wait for various sources to send him some of the photos before he can complete this long post. :P

So anyway, Class 95FM had put up a Retrolicious concert on 9th Oct and Daddy, together with his 2 pals - Uncle Ray & Agnes jie-jie, have been selected for a Mambo Jambo dance-off on stage before the concert. Mambo Jambo, or mbjb in short, is a weekly Wednesday night phenomenon held at Zouk and this is only place where you can see coordinated dance movements among the crowd, moving to the 80's & 90's retro music.

Daddy then decided to rope di-di & me into the competition, because well... Daddy had been imparting his skills to us since a long time ago. Hahaha...

And so, the actual night arrived!

We got ready on stage, and danced our very best!

With bated breath, we then waited for the audience's approval... as the winner will be determined by the level of the audience's applause.

The verdict? We won!!!

And our reward? To return back on stage later to perform together with Rick Astley for his opening number 'Together Forever'! Wah, Daddy's idol lor... hee hee...

But first, it was time for a well-deserved rest after all our exertions. And well, of course time to take lots of photos backstage as well. :P

Our team - Z5!!!

We then made our way to the front part of the stage to look for our most fervent & loyal supporter...

MUMMY!!! :)

Johnny Hates Jazz & Debbie Gibson were up first... so it meant that we had quite a bit of waiting to do. But no worries, there was the iPad to keep me company...

... while di-di had the iPhone for keeps. Hee.

And then, it was OUR turn...

We thoroughly enjoyed our dance on stage with Rick Astley!

Daddy, Uncle Ray & Agness jie-jie were even called back up on stage for Uncle Rick's closing song too. Not us monkies though - we were too tired by then. :P

By the time the whole concert ended, it was already midnight.... waaaaayyyy past our bedtime! But we really had lots of fun, not to mention lots of energy still too!

Now, where's that prize from Toys 'R' Us that Uncle Ray promised us??? Hee hee...

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Rachel Teoh said...

Nice post. Must be quite tough to get two kids to dance on stage!

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