Nov 28, 2010

Mei-mei's first Party

Mei-mei's finally 4 weeks old!!! Hip hip hooray!!! So we did the best logical thing - we threw a party (and invited all my buddies so that we can all party together!).

And since it was Alethea's special day, she was all dolled up and dressed in her best. :)

And together with all the yummy food, di-di & I placed the red eggs we had assisted to make the night before on the buffet table... and we were all set!

The guests soon arrived and while all the adults mingled, most were fawning over little mei-mei who was actually oblivious to all the attention and continued in her deep slumber. :P

I, too had to showcase my big kor-kor role and offered to look after her...

But it was fleeting lah... 'cos all my friends were here as well mah, so I had to entertain them... by erm, going swimming with them in the pool! Hee hee...

But I'm sure the adults and mei-mei had lots of fun too. :P

Happy one month, mei-mei!!! Now you can tag along when we go out too!!! :)

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