Nov 10, 2010

Safety on the Roads

Having mei-mei around the house has definitely liven up the household... erm, not that our house isn't noisy enough already with us 2 monkies around. Hee hee... but somehow having to fuss over someone is kind of fun. So far. :P

And so, Mummy told us that she has to be stuck at home during Alethea's first month. It's something called confinement. What is it exactly, I didn't really bother to ask. Because my next question to Mummy was - You mean we can't go out at all too???

Haaaa... Luckily, it doesn't mean di-di & I have to be confined as well. So off went Daddy, di-di & me during one morning to the East Coast, on our skate scooters!

Why do I get the feeling that mei-mei wanted to join us so badly?

Next time lah, dear Alethea. :P

Daddy brought us to the Road Safety Park at East Coast, to let us ride our scooters freely!

Well, not exactly freely 'cos we have to obey the traffic rules within the park you know.

The Road Safety Park was a place which Daddy & Mummy went when they were in primary school, and it was there where students are taught basic traffic regulations. But now, it is open to the public everyday so that children of all ages can benefit. :)

Di-di & I definitely enjoyed our time in the park, 'cos it has just like the real traffic conditions, even with a pretrol station for us to refuel our scooters. Hee hee...

With that, we were ready to set our once again to explore the rest of the park!

We even parked our 'vehicles' in one of the carparks and played the role of a pedestrian.

But I have to admit, having your own set of wheels is definitely less tiring... and faster! Heh.

We got our cue to leave when our tummies rumbled... and no prizes for guessing what we wanted to eat when Daddy let us choose...

SUSHI! Yum yum yum! I think it made Mummy a teeny weeny envious. Hahaha... Never mind, Mummy! We'll bring you and mei-mei back again next time when you are released! :P

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Jenny said...


Any idea what is the opening hours of the road safety park? Very interested to bring my kids there.


Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Jenny,

Sorry but we don't exactly know what's the opening hours... if not wrong, I think the gates are left open everyday in the day time since it's fully opened to public now.

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