Nov 24, 2010

The school holidays thus far...

It has been a fruitful school holidays so far for us monkies... extremely fruitful if you add in our small stomach flu episode. :P But at least that's behind us now, and we can continue to have loads of fun til the end of the year! Hee.

Anyway, we DID have our fair share of fun... with a dose of playtime at Jacob Ballas Garden always doing the trick!

We even met up with Benji last Friday... no, not to test toys for the Christmas season...

But to catch a movie together - Megamind!!!

I enjoyed it... though Daddy preferred 'Despicable Me' more. :P

And on certain mornings when Mr. Sun comes out to greet us, we bring mei-mei down to the playground for her to get a suntan... and erm, of course we get to run amok at the playground too! Hee hee...

And last night, just so that we have recovered from our flu, Daddy brought us down to Jurong Point to look at some Hot Wheels Battleforce 5 toys!

Yah, it is our current craze now... hahaha... so you know what to get us for our X'mas presents this year hor??? :P

Hopefully there'll be more fun activities to come!!! :)

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Soleh Google ☁️ 👓 📙 said...

Nice.Activities with family, surely fun, exercise would be better if the kids need some burning in their fats. But I don't think ashton and ayden need one as they seem to to be fit. -smile-
Activities during School Holidays

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Soleh,

Thanks for droping by, and for your suggestions as well! Have a wonderful year end holidays!

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