Apr 28, 2011

Boardwalk Scoot

We love our skate scooters, and as long as we find a chance, we will always nag at Daddy & Mummy to bring di-di & me to some place where we can put our scooters to good use. So other than the Punggol Promenade, one of the other places that we love to go to is the Sentosa Boardwalk!

It's the boardwalk that connects the mainland from Vivocity to Sentosa Island, and it isn't too long to walk even actually - perhaps about 15-20 minutes of walk time.

I guess walking isn't such a bad idea... after all, the scenery is quite nice...

But why walk when you can SCOOT??? :P

The nice part about it is that it's usually relatively free of people and so it makes our scooting much MORE fun! Hee.

Well, the posing for pictures is pretty fun too lah.... Heh.

But too bad mei-mei wasn't too happy with the heat... so erm, she refused any photos. Save for one.

As for us, we definitely enjoyed scooting across the boardwalk. But we stopped short of entering Sentosa lah... although di-di clamoured to be brought to Universal Studios.

Nice try, Ayd. Hee hee...

There are eateries & cafes along the boardwalk should you require something to drink or fill your tummies... yup, ice-cream too! Slurp!

Erm, but we still preferred our plain water lah. :P

And if you know my Daddy well enough, you would have guessed what was coming up...


Lots and lots of photos somemore ah...

No wonder mei-mei had such a nice uninterrupted sleep!

But we will be back again... soon! And hopefully we will find new places to bring our scooters to! :D

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