May 25, 2011

Delightful Desaru (Part 1)

2 weekends ago, our whole family, together with Kong-kong & Por-por went for a short getaway to Desaru. Oooh... new place huh! Daddy said actually I had been there before 'cos both he & Mummy went to Desaru when I was still in Mummy's tummy.

Aiyoh, that one confirm no count lah!

So anyway, Daddy said it will be a leisurely drive up which will take slightly less than 2 hours from the Tuas Checkpoint. And with a lunch break & a nap along the way, we finally reached!

The Lotus Desaru - Daddy & Mummy are first-timers too. And my, it does look sprawling!!!

Por-por did the check in and soon, we were in our comfy 2-bedroom apartment...

And the first thing mei-mei did was to test out the comfort level of our hotel bed!

Judging from our smiles, the bed and the rest of the room PASSED our requirements. Hee hee...

With all that settled nicely, di-di & I naturally asked to change into our swimwear and to be brought to the beach...

Me think Daddy can forget about taking photos of us - not when we were so eager to start our sandcastle building!

And while the men toiled away at the sand, the ladies were taking a nice break on the beach chairs. Hmph!

At least mei-mei was enjoying her first foray on to a sandy beach. But I think she was more pleased with the breeze than the bits of sand. :P

The sand at Desaru isn't exactly the most pristine, nor is the sea the clearest blue that we have come across. 

But it IS clean, and pretty deserted so we could build a whole sandcastle Kingdom and nobody would stop us. Heh. 


And most important of all, all of us enjoyed ourselves - the adults just nuah-ed away while the monkies played away. :)

After all the sand, we had to erm, wash off the sand hor??? So what better place to do it than than the hotel pool!

Hahahaha... just kidding. How can us monkies resist the lure of the swimming pool?

With that, we ended our day with a short drive our of the resort to grab some dinner. And then it was time to recharge for the next day...

Why??? All for this spectacular feature in the resort!

Yup, a Water Park right in the middle of the resort! Di-di's & my ultimate bliss I tell you... :D

Besides the usual water slides and large wading pool, there was a star attraction.

And this was the Lazy River - a long meandering sloping slide which begins at the top of a slope and brings us all the way down to the pool via 5 slides with 4 'whirlpools' in between them.

Sounds shiok hor? IT IS!!!

And we must have gone on it for more then 20 times! Hahaha... No wonder our legs were aching by the time we checked out the next day. All the hiking up the slope to get to the top of the Lazy River! :P

And that wasn't all - there is still this gigantic Tipping Coconut with a Kiddy Slide...

... which splashes coconut water on you if you are not fast enough to siam. Hee.

So, with all these fun stuff, we just didn't to know where to start?!!!

And even more exciting stuff to come - mei-mei joins in on the action! But first let us enjoy the slides... WHEEEEEE!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi ,
Ur blog is marvellous n so useful to families. Ur desaru trip lks great.
how do i go into lotus resort from spore? Should i bk rooms with hotel 1st n can i travel by any buses coy ' grassland or kortsotium' going in malaysia or by taxi at jb? Will it be expensive?
Thank you.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your kind words! Glad you have found our blog to be useful! :)

We drove to Lotus Desaru.

I think some of the tour agencies have packages with Lotus - rooms and transport. Don't think the price difference is that great compared to if you booked the rooms separately.

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