May 30, 2011

Delightful Desaru (Part 2)

Ok, so to our concluding piece on our weekend jaunt to Lotus Desaru. :)

Actually, I think there isn't much more to write about the Water Park 'cos erm, it is rather clear that we enjoyed ourselves tremendously! 

Slide after slide and splash after splash... we were still up for anything and everything.

And of course, there was this Lazy River slide that we had mentioned in our earlier post - a meandering slide that starts at the top of a slop and brings its sliders down 4 water channels & 3 whirlpools.

See the long green thing snaking through the water park? That's the Lazy River slide!

I think we must have went on it countless times - at least 20 times. :P

Then, it was time for the princess to make her grand entrance...

And her initial reaction???

Hee hee hee... not too good I am afraid.

But gradually, she got used to the water rather well. :)

See??? Mei-mei was only too engrossed in getting her toes wet, despite Daddy's repeated calls to look at the camera! Hahaha...

It was Mummy's turn to try out the Lazy River next and Por-por & Kong-kong then took over the jaga-ing duties...

Since we monkies are so experienced with the slide, we had to accompany Mummy on it! Hee.


Mummy too gave it TWO thumbs up! Exactly the same ratings Por-por & Kong-kong gave when it was their turn to try the slide later.

Mei-mei's time in the pool soon came to an end, while we monkies got to stretch our water time a little bit more. :P

Missing the Water Park so soon ah???

Water play always makes us super duper hungry... and luckily there was pizza to be had right at the beach. Shiok!

And it was no wonder that di-di & I KO-ed right after lunch... and slept right ALL the way to dinner time!!!

We were supposed to go to playground lor... but obviously we were too tired out from the Water Park. Hahaha... but luckily our dinner was so so yummy!

We went on a 20 minute drive to Sungai Rengit for very yummy seafood... and it was well worth the drive!

The seafood was so fresh, and we even picked our own lobsters for dinner! Hee.

Back at the hotel, there was a mini carnival going on - and this happens every Saturday night at Lotus Desaru.

There were a few game stalls for us to try our hands on to win some prizes, as well as the sale of some lighted toys for all children to have some fun with...

Day 3, and it was time to say goodbye to Desaru... :(

But not before - you guessed it - a one last PLAY at the Water Park!!!

Then it was time to really say goodbye. Sniff.

At least mei-mei had her last water play in the hotel sink. :P

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Desaru... and think we actually might be back sooner rather than later! Hahaha...

Di-di & I have declared it to be better than Sunway Lagoon leh! And think Daddy & Mummy might be inclined to agree - 'cos the water is definitely cleaner at Lotus Desaru, and also much less crowded. So ourreturning chances have definitely been given a boost, no? Heh.

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