May 15, 2011

Dragonflies at Hort Park

It has certainly been quite a while since we last stepped into the Hort Park. About 2.5 years in fact! So with the both of us monkies being older now, and together with mei-mei, Daddy & Mummy decided it was time to pay the park another visit.

And this time, we smart - we took along our scooters. Like that no need to walk mah. :P

Well, if there's one thing that still hasn't changed - it's still VERY HOT in the HORT PARK!!! Can melt one lor...

Ok, but seriously it is definitely much more meaningful for di-di & me now 'cos we are able to better appreciate the various plants, vegetables and fruits that are being grown there. :)

And there's another thing that hasn't changed all these while too - Our LOVE for playgrounds!

Playgrounds no need to give out any invitations.

We see one, we confirm scurry up already. Heh.

Yup, even in the searing heat, we can still climb and run without complaining...

Unlike Daddy, who was trying to find the best shaded spot to take photos of us. :P

I could tell mei-mei wanted to join us from the sidelines too... oh well, maybe a few more months okay???

Can you see our heads drenched in perspiration??? Wahahaha... gross right... :P

Well, luckily we managed to cool off at the Hort Park's main building where there was an art & craft session - something that the both of us absolutely love! 

We got to make our very own dragonflies, using a pencil and some pipe-cleaners.

After gluing this and that together...


Our very own dragonflies... and we posed with them... erm, with our very own interpretations.

Hopefully we don't have to wait for another 2.5 years to re-visit the Hort Park. 

Maybe when mei-mei starts walking? :)

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