Jun 3, 2011

New finds at West Coast Park

The play areas at West Coast Park had recently gotten a face lift - we know 'cos when we were there 2 months back, almost all of the children's play areas were closed - so Daddy brought us there one fine morning 'cos he had promised us. :P

Now that's certainly a new climbing structure, 'cos I don't remember that. Anyway, I love scouring these spiderwebs and I think di-di must have caught the climbing bug from me as well. Hee.

And the one spiderweb that is my all-time fave has also re-opened. And it has 2 NEW metal slides attached to it now!

That's the lower level one; while the mouth of the second slide is placed waaaaaay up high near the apex of the pyramid. Too exciting I say!!!

I gamely declared my interest to conquer the summit, and I did! Wheeee....

Di-di then decided to give it a go too, and he aimed for the higher slide! He was too scared to scale it the last time when we were there... so it was quite a surprise for Daddy & me! Hee.

But Daddy was still a tad concerned, so he asked me to climb along with him...

Well, he needn't have worried 'cos di-di made it all the way up without any help! WOOHOO!

You can be sure this would become one of our regular haunts from now onwards...

After all, we aren't monkies for nothing you know? Hahaha...

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