Jul 18, 2011

Learning to Ride - Part 1

Di-di & I got a surprise from the deliveryman last week, when something big turned up at our home.

It was the JD Bug Training Bike, given to us cheekiemonkies by the folks at Baby a2z Pte Ltd. And good timing too, 'cos Daddy has long been wanting to the both of us to ride a bike but he has always been putting it off. :P

This training bike first prepare us to cycle by letting us learn how to push and glide the bike with both feet. And hopefully, once we are confident in our balancing & steering, we get to have a new bike!

Erm, right?

Wrong! The beauty of this training bike is that it can be easily upgraded to a pedal bike by just installing the gear box that comes with the bike.

Cool eh? Hee hee... 

This means that the training bike continues to be useful as it becomes a pedal bike that us children can cycle on for the another two or more years. Can save money to go on more holidays! :P

Ok first, back to the basics.

With our brand new training bike all fixed up and raring to go, we headed down to West Coast Park for our maiden test-drive.

And with all my safety gear strapped in, I was ready to glide!

Mummy first showed us how to scoot along with our feet, to try a get a feel for balancing on the bike.

Considering it could take Mummy's weight, the bike sure is sturdy huh! Daddy was tempted to go on it too, but we all know that would lead to catastrophic consequences. Confirm, and double confirm.

 Then it was time for us monkies to give it a try...

Seeing how much fun I was having coasting, di-di wanted to give it a shot too.

With the both of us busy on the bike, poor mei-mei grew a tad bored.

Hee hee... I love her expression! So melancholic.

But we kor-kors certainly didn't neglect her - we took turns playing with her while one of us were on the training bike.

See how happy she was already? And our company even came with free kisses!

Enough with the sweet distraction, let's get back to our bike learning. :P

I guess there isn't really a hard and fast rule to mastering how to ride a bicycle. The important thing is obviously balancing and this is something that can only improve with practice.

Di-di seemed to be doing quite well too...

...until he lost balance and had the occasional wobble, and fall.

But as Daddy & Mummy told us, that's really quite unavoidable.

Daddy even rode into a longkang once, when he just started out learning. Hahahaha... ok, I hope the same fate doesn't befall me. :P

But all in all, I thought we did pretty well on our first attempt. We got a good feel of how balancing on 2 wheels felt like, and kept our feet up for a good number of seconds before gravity kicked in.

And all these while, mei-mei was just sitting some distance away and watching us... as if she was watching a blockbuster movie.

Complete with yummy finger food.

And here's just a short clip of me scooting along the pavement with my 2 feet. Sorry to disappoint, but there isn't any falls. Hee.

Now we just need more practice, and maybe also a gentle slope next time. :)


About the JD Bug Training Bike

Exclusively distributed by Baby a2z Pte Ltd, the JD Bug training bike is unlike other training bikes as it can be easily upgraded to a pedal bike by just installing the gear box that comes with the bike. Weighing at only 3.2kg, the lightweight JD Bug training bike is highly portable and even with the gear box installed, the JD Bug training bike weighs 4.9kg.

Ergonomically-designed to ensure comfort and safety for the child, the JD Bug training bike comes with an adjustable seat to cater to the height of the child; safety grips and safety break stop system for safer handling and threaded tires for better surface grip.

Priced at S$298, the JD Bug training bike, bundled with a gear box, is suitable for children aged 2½ years old and above. It is now available at Swissvalley Pte Ltd, 486 River Valley Road Singapore 248370, Tel: 6836 6566 or online at www.bba2z.com. For enquiry, email to enquiry@bba2z.com.

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--andy-- said...

cool, any more JD bikes to giveaway? My boy is already in Pri2, and I have not teach him to ride yet aiyah.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Andy, I can send the link of your blog to the contact person and see if things work out. :)

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