Jul 5, 2011

Railway Treks

Yesterday, being Youth Day & a school holiday, Daddy & Mummy decided to do something adventurous and so di-di & I found ourselves at the newly-disused KTM Railway tracks.

Well, mei-mei was conveniently left at home 'cos erm... I don't think Mummy fancies the idea of lugging a huge sack of rice along the tracks. Hee hee...

We made our starting point at Rail Mall, where there was a slight slope for us to get up onto the tracks.

Daddy encouraged us to bring along one camera each, so that we make photograph anything that we found to be interesting along the way.

Though I think the real reason was to distract us from the long arduous trek along the lines... :P

Not that we were complaining anyway... Heh.

Luckily, most of the parts along the rail line were pretty well shaded by the abundant foliage all around, so it made the trekking much more bearable.

It was pretty fascinating for di-di & me to be walking on the railway tracks - tracks which old-fashioned choo-choo trains once chugged along.

And while di-di was busy reveling in his true role of a cheekiemonkie, I was busy taking photos of anything and everything interesting that I came across - from the birds & insects to the tiny mimosa plants on the ground.

We even climbed higher onto an overhead pass to get a better view of the tracks.

And obviously, we can't rule out taking even more photographs right? :P

Back onto the tracks we go after that, and it was time for a short water break!

And why not throw in some time for self-cam too??? Hahaha....

And of course, the obligatory leap-in-the-air pose.

Which Daddy... erm, felt like joining in TOO!!!


And look what dropped in to say hi...

There wasn't a large crowd thronging the tracks - which was a good thing for us 'cos a large crowd would have meant even more perspiration and less quiet times like this... :)

One hour into the trek, it was inevitable that fatigue started to creep in... and so, Daddy decided to give us a makeshift tongkat each so as to help us in our remaining journey.

Di-di & I soldiered on and after about a total of 2 hours, we decided to call it a day and exited near Bt Timah Shopping Centre.

Although we were hot, sticky & tired, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves along the way... and also not to mention the many photos that we took along the way.

I think it's definitely much better to go on a weekday if possible, since there wouldn't be so many people jostling for space on the tracks... yes, Daddy hates crowds in case you don't know by now. :P

I definitely do not mind trekking a different part of the railway another day... and as for di-di, he asked if we could walk along the MRT tracks the next time? Hahahaha....

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--andy-- said...

u all damn style, wear scandals? A lot of metal parts are "rusty", and the pebbles will slip inside the soles haha :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

erm... yah. We forgot actually. :P

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