Jul 11, 2011

Yo-ho Disney Junior!

Today's the day!

The day when Disney Junior is officially launched on Starhub Channel 311. It replaces the outgoing Playhouse Disney channel and promises to have a chock-ful bag of surprises for everyone.

Daddy attended the media launch in end May (Yes, WITHOUT us! Hmph!), and yesterday was the Official Launch of Disney Junior at Siloso Beach, Sentosa.

And this time, naturally all of us were invited to the party by the kind people at Disney Channels South East Asia. Woohoo!

Hmmm... will Mickey make a special appearance???

Well, no time to think about that... 'cos we had lots of things to explore and more importantly, take lots of photographs!

First with Special Agent Oso.

Then it was with di-di's & my current fave Disney character - Jake from the new cartoon, Jake & the Never Land Pirates!

Yo-ho-ho!!! Arrr... is that a Pirate we spy?

He's a pirate alright... but Pirate Pete is one big friendly pirate. Erm, actually he's the emcee for the launch lah. :P

I took the above photo of Pirate Pete, using Daddy's chunky cam. Nice? :)

Too bad mei-mei isn't too mobile yet, so she was just doing the koala-thing with Mummy throughout the morning. :P

As for the both of us monkies, we were having a great time on the sand... though the sun was starting to show its prowess soon enough...

But that wasn't going to deter us from building a big sand hill, while waiting for the programme to kick off.

Finally, the event started... with Pirate Pete formally introducing Disney Junior, and preparing us for a morning of sunny sandy fun!

All of us kids were given a treasure checklist, where we had to go to 4 stations to complete certain tasks and earn stamps in return.

I think I was already planning my strategy. Hee hee...

Once we had earned 4 stamps, we could return to the main pavilion and exchange for a goodie pack! I was tempted to say fun pack, but Daddy said it currently has negative connotations. :P

Anyway, here are the stations that were lying in between us kids and our goodie pack!

And once the rules were explained, the horn was sounded, complete with confetti of course.

We were off and running!!!

First stop - Special Agent Oso's Bravery station.

In true Oso-style, we had to follow 3 simple steps complete our task, which was to knock down 3 plastic bottles with a water cannon.

Quite easily done! :D

Our first stamp, and with a extra bonus - a Pirate's eye patch! Heh.

Our second stop was at Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse Memory station.

We had to go through a maze, and were tasked to locate 3 objects in the maze.

After we had memorized the map, we weaved through the maze and promptly found the 3 items from Toodles!

Next stop - Jake & the Never Land Pirates Teamwork station!

Di-di & I had to work together to repair a platform, by putting in the missing planks.

It was tough work, especially in the hot sun... but we completed our task soon enough!!!

We even got to hoist the pirate ship's flag, just for fun. Hee.

Our final stop was the Word World's Reading Clues station.

The Junkyard of letters was re-created right here on Siloso Beach, and we had to go scavenging for the letters that make up the word that was flashed to us.

FINALLY, we completed ALL 4 stamps and so we made our way to the pavilion (Yippee, it's shaded! :P) to claim our rewards.

Hahaha... yup, this cute Mousy pirate hat was one of the goodies inside the pack.

And as an added bonus, we got to have our photo taken with Jake & Izzy...

... so that we can receive a Certificate stating that we are now part of Jake's crew. Ahoy mates!

And to leave our mark at the launch, all the kids were invited to make a coloured hand print on a big Disney Junior signage.

Ayd's turn.

And this was how the whole signage looked like.

And and and... as one final treat, Mickey & Minnie made a special appearance!!!

I was hoping that Jake made a live appearance as well, but no such luck. :P

But Mickey & Minnie will do very nicely for us monkies too! :)

Wow, it has been a fun (& perspiring) 2 hours in the morning and of course di-di & I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We loved the goodie pack items, especially the Jake camera which came in a waterproof casing - it's a real camera and pre-loaded with film by the way. Now we can take it along to the swimming pool and take crazy shots underwater! Hee hee...

Thanks, once again, to Disney Channels South East Asia for inviting us to the event. We certainly had loads of hot diggity dog FUN!

Disney Junior Asia main website: Click here

Disney Junior Asia Facebook page: Click here

For more information on upcoming & new shows on Disney Junior, please click here.

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