Aug 3, 2011

Convivial Cebu (Part 2)

(Daddy recounts)

So far so good.

That was how my lazing-on-a-deck-chair routine was going, while the 3 monkies & their mummy were getting their dose of Vitamin D somewhere out there.

Until the silence was shattered by the boys' pleas to adjourn to the resort pool that I promised to bring them.

Not that I am complaining of course, for this particular pool was one of my favourite places in this resort.

In case you are wondering if I have not outgrown my love for water slides yet, erm... well, you are right. Hahaha... But that's not the point.

The point is that this pool has a rather wide shallow edge that runs the perimeter of the entire pool, which can be rather useful for someone.

Not Ayd, but the Diva.

The shallow water level was perfect for her to sit down in the pool, without the need for us to be constantly carrying her.

And her verdict?

I think it's safe to say she thoroughly loved the water!

In fact, when she first laid eyes on the pool, she was trying her best to squirm and worm her way out of her Mummy's clutches.

And for the entire time we were at the pool, she didn't asked to be carried. Not even for a nanosecond! Amazing stuff.

Instead she just went around, splashing water on her own. I think when we go out for meals next time, we should put her in a small bathtub beside us, instead of a baby chair.

And as for the boys, they were having their own kind of fun on the water slide.

With the boys busy creating their own splashes, it was time for some father-daughter bonding. :)

What else can I say? Definitely a water monkie. All smiles, no wails - not even after I dunked her head into the water. Hur hur...

But that's not the reason why she looked like this after one hour at the pool.

Stoning at its best.

It wasn't surprising, since we had spent the entire morning at the beach and the pool. So it was time to peel the monkies away from the water and head back to our room for a nice wash up.

And yes, wails were obviously inevitable. But the promise of a yummy lunch in the comfort of our room kind of mitigated the parting sorrow somewhat.

And if there is one thing about the food in Philippines, the Filipinos sure love their pork! Roasted or barbecued, fried or stewed, fatty or lean - sinful? Confirm. Heavenly? Double confirm!

Ash fell in love with the roasted pork belly with fried rice that was served in a bamboo, while Ayd proudly declared that he can eat the fried noodles everyday, for the rest of his life!

It was a good thing we were here only for 1 week, else I think my weighing scale at home will disown me.

And what could be a better idea for a post-lunch entertainment than taking an afternoon nap. I meant for the 3 monkies, not me. My pants didn't think it was a good idea for me to try that.

As soon as Ash & Ayd awoke from their slumber, no prizes for guessing where they wanted to head to.

It was nearing evening time and the tide was low - perfect for some fish spotting and just plain splashing fun.

Ale, though, already had her water play quota for the day so she was confined to the sand.

Not that she minded I think. :)

As the sun finally descended, we headed to the resort's restaurant for dinner. 

It was a traditional Filipino food themed buffet spread, and when there's traditional, there's sure to be pork involved.

Nothing much else to say about the food, except that there was a lot of gorging involved. 


To top off the evening, there was a 30 minute cultural performance where Ash & Ayd got the chance to try out the famed bamboo dance.

Nothing like skipping over bamboos to burn off those calories from the buffet huh.

With Day 2 drawing to a close, the 2 older monkies winded down by reading a book to their mei-mei. While the parents were rolling on bed, complaining of their bursting tummies.

Tomorrow would be an extremely wet (& cold) day, with an adventure out at sea. I had better remember to go to the toilet before that.

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