Aug 19, 2011

Drawing Show Hero - Truly amazing!

Have you heard of the Drawing Show Hero?

Well, neither did we.

But all thanks to the Korean Tourism Organization, we got tickets to catch this spectacular performance tonight!

This internationally acclaimed art performance from Korea, is making its first ever appearance in Singapore and it promises to wow both kids and adults.

It is a magic-like show that uses various painting techniques, 3D animated drawings, instant dust drawings, glue animation, and luminous paintings - all seamlessly infused with comedy, music, dance, audience participation, and acrobatic spectacle. The result? A mind-blowing experience!

All the artwork were done on the spot, and to the beat of music. Di-di & I definitely were enthralled by the sight of a painting forming in front of our eyes.

Daddy was in particular, bowled over by the drawings done by the performers.

On-the-spot. Chop-chop-curry-pok. All within minutes. And extremely impressive!

They even formed a Superman logo using Rubik cubes! My fave! Hee hee...

Di-di loved the marbling drawing segment the most, where they did an underwater scene.

Oh, and we both monkies loved the audience interaction. Especially di-di, who was jumping and pumping his fists in the air to the beats of the music. :P

Daddy, though, loved the part when they sketched out Liu Bei, Guan Yu & Zhang Fei from the Three Kingdoms era. And it was truly amazing - the way they drew them in a matter of minutes and making them life-like by shading with their palms.

So we were all truly a tad sad when the show drew (no pun intended) to a close after 80 minutes.

But it wasn't the end though - 'cos the audience were invited to the front of the stage for some photo-taking!

And of course being the obedient boys we are, we duly complied! Heh.

The uncle may look fierce in the photo above, but he was far from that lah. Think he act act only. Hee hee...

But we are not acting when we say we LOVE the show! Think Daddy & Mummy enjoyed it lots as well!

And here's just a snippet of what to expect.

But hurry if you want to catch it - only 2 more days left!

Date: 19-21 Aug 2011
Venue: Downtown East D'Marquee
Showtimes: 20 Aug (Sat) - 2.30pm & 8pm; 21 Aug (Sun) - 2.30pm
Prices: $28, $38, $48, $58, $68
*NDP SPECIAL PROMO now on - Buy 1 ticket, get another 1 FREE!
Buy tickets through SISTIC here.

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edmund said...

Wow! that looks like a really fun show! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Edmund, yup... it sure was fun! The kids enjoyed it lots!

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