Aug 12, 2011

King di-di for the day!

So di-di turned five 2 days ago, and he was given the opportunity of becoming the President King for one entire day. He could think of a place that he wanted to go since Daddy & Mummy were both on leave.

As hard as I tried to goad him into asking Daddy & Mummy to bring us to Malaysia, di-di was bent on his decision - to go to Fidgets Indoor Playground because he had so much fun the last time when he was there for Clara's Birthday Party.

Not that I complained, since I also love the long steep slide there!

And I reckoned Daddy & Mummy wouldn't complain much either, because they could just laze away at the bistro area while we run amok among the play structures.

I'm also 100% sure that mei-mei didn't complain as well, since she is so much more mobile now compared to the last time when we were here. And she didn't even have to pay! Lagi best I say. :P

So much for Daddy's vision of lazing at the bistro - mei-mei was calling out to the toddler's play area, and how can anyone say no to such an angelic face? Hee hee...

It came as no surprise that she simply adored the mini gym area for toddlers, especially since she loves pulling to stand nowadays. At least Daddy or Mummy didn't have to keep carrying her!

Mei-mei also recently picked up the love of cars - perhaps the consequence of having 2 older brothers for siblings. Whenever she's in Daddy's car, she would gesture that she wants to move to the driver's seat and take over the steering wheel!

Since that wasn't possible all the time, I strapped her in a push car and wheeled her around with di-di acting as convoy on a motorbike.

To say that she was absolutely over the moon with her ride is an understatement.

She was practically beaming throughout the entire time I was pushing her along.

And I was just content to see her flashing her smiles ever so often. :)

Di-di & I then headed back to the main playground, while Daddy took over the shift. Heh.

We were to stay there for another 2 hours before di-di & I decided to call it a day and head back home. And I think di-di thoroughly enjoyed himself...  'cos erm, he dozed off in record time when it was time for bed at night. Haha.


The next day, the whole family headed down to our school so as to celebrate di-di's birthday with his classmates.

And for the cake, it wasn't Angry Birds lah... 'cos di-di wanted his other fave character - Bumblebee!

I think you can tell from the photos how happy he was, to be celebrating his birthday in his classroom.

And I, being the good kor-kor, let him have the sole honor of snuffing out the candles. :P

He did ask me to cut the cake together though. So sweer hor? :D

Then after taking photos with the rest of my classmates, it was time to attack the cake! Yummy!

I'm glad di-di enjoyed his birthday celebrations over the past 3 days! And I'm happy too! 'Cos this means that my birthday will be coming soon... and I can't wait! :P

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