Aug 8, 2011

Learning to Ride - Part 2

Remember our JD Bug Bike?

After our last bike coasting session at West Coast Park, and after a looong hiatus of 2 weeks, Daddy & Mummy decided to have di-di & me do our balancing act once again.

And this time, we were off to the Botanical Gardens, in search for a nice gentle slope to aid in our coasting.

We settled on the spot near the Symphony Lake, where there was a gentle grass slope - perfect for cushioning our falls! :P

Di-di was up first, and he was raring to go!

He started off a bit apprehensively...

And a tad wobbly too...

But overall, a truly decent effort from my little brother! :)

Then it was my turn to strut my stuff.

I did better than the last time at West Coast Park, perhaps due to the slope as I could balance and coast down pretty steadily.

In fact, I found it to be super fun! Until I have to lug my bike up the slope again of course. Hahaha...

All in all, a great balancing act all around and good progress have been made!

And if you want to see me in action, here's another video of me wheeling down the slope... luckily there were no picnic-goers in my way!

Hopefully, we would be able to cycle a proper bike really soon! :P


About the JD Bug Training Bike

Exclusively distributed by Baby a2z Pte Ltd, the JD Bug training bike is unlike other training bikes as it can be easily upgraded to a pedal bike by just installing the gear box that comes with the bike. Weighing at only 3.2kg, the lightweight JD Bug training bike is highly portable and even with the gear box installed, the JD Bug training bike weighs 4.9kg.

Ergonomically-designed to ensure comfort and safety for the child, the JD Bug training bike comes with an adjustable seat to cater to the height of the child; safety grips and safety break stop system for safer handling and threaded tires for better surface grip.

Priced at S$298, the JD Bug training bike, bundled with a gear box, is suitable for children aged 2½ years old and above. It is now available at Swissvalley Pte Ltd, 486 River Valley Road Singapore 248370, Tel: 6836 6566 or online at For enquiry, email to

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