Sep 3, 2011

Kite Festival Fun

(Daddy goes fly kite)

The Kite Festival is back again for the fourth year running, and this time it is held over the 3rd & 4th September weekend at The Promontory @Marina Bay between 4 to 8pm.

Truth be told, I had hardly brought the boys out to fly a kite before - although they had expressed a wish to do so whenever we drove past a big field with many kites dotting he sky.

So imagine the joy when I told the monkies that we would be going to a Kite Festival with lots of what else, kites!

And thanks to the organiser's, specifically Juliana's & Noelle's, kind invitation, we were given a hands-on opportunity to make our very own kites!

Throughout the 2 days, the public would also get their chance to try their hands at making a kite for keepsake. Ours was the Starter Kite Workshop, and there are 2 other workshops available as well; namely the Traditional Kite and Master Kite Workshops.

The boys were all pumped-up in crafting their own kites and as the workshop began, they were all listening intently to our Kite Teacher, Mr. Steven Teh's instructions.

After some sticky tape, sticks, string-tying (and lots of help) later, the kites were beginning to take shape.

TA-DAH! Project completed!

Needless to say, the monkies were only too eager to give their kites a lift-off.

 Well, it wasn't always a success. Heh.

I also had the chance to meet up with 2 other Daddy bloggers - Peter of Aussie Pete and Edmund of Ed Unloaded. It was great meeting you guys, and what beautiful kids you have!

As we bade our farewells, we decided to look for a better spot to fly our kites. But along the way, we were waylaid by some people.

Street-style entertainment with juggling, magic & puppetry performances along the waterfront that's what. And of course the monkies lapped it all up.

When I finally managed to peel them away from the performances, we settled on a windy spot across The Promontory to launch our kites.

BUT, the small kites were no kick at all. Not to mention it was tough keeping them in the air. :P

And so, we bought our very own kite from a strategically located kite stall nearby. Heh.

A gigantic red octopus! Ayd was practically prancing with joy at the sight of this monster swaying in the wind above.

And it didn't take long for Ash to get the hang of kite-flying. Erm, I hate to say it but he was even better at it than me at times.

And looked who flew in to say hello.

Hahaha... the Angry Birds kites were definitely very cute (and pricey too).

3.5 hours flew by just like that, and soon we were all quite tired, hungry and most definitely thirsty. But we sure had great fun too!

And after we were done with our dinner, the inevitable happened again - the monkies were ambused by the buskers' performances once more. And we stayed long enough for us to catch the Marina Bay Sands Light & Water Spectacular show at 8pm.

But that's a blog post for another day.

If you want to head on down to the Kite Festival, tomorrow (4th Sep, Sunday) is the final chance to do so. And if you do, make sure you try your hand at some kite flying and contribute to the many spectacular kites fluttering in the blue sky.

It is truly a sight to behold.

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Susan said...

Cool, we were there too and we had a lot of fun even though we didn't get to fly a kite.

Anonymous said...

hi! can u still remember how much is the angry bird one?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Susan,

Yup, the atmosphere there was really nice, especially with all the street performances along the promenade and the numerous kites in the sky. :)

Hi Anon,

The Angry Bird kite was selling for $30.

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