Sep 30, 2011

Happy like (a Jurong) Bird

Last weekend, Daddy & Mummy brought us to a place where we have not been for a very long time.

More than 3 years actually.

That's right. It's The Jurong Bird Park.

And for some reason, both di-di & I prefer the Bird Park more than the Zoo. So it was all thanks to the We Welcome Families 2011 promotion, that we finally got to visit the Land of the Birds once again. 

Yup, with a 50% discount off the admission charges for both adults & children, no wonder Daddy & Mummy brought us there. Hee. You can just download the coupon below onto your mobile phone, or print it out and present it to the counter.

Take note though - that the promotion is valid to 3rd November 2011.

So anyway, di-di & I were only too eager to get our Bird Park outing going. And our first visit of the day belonged to the ever-so-cute penguins!

Mei-mei was terribly fascinated by the moving creatures in the water. Her eyes kept darting around, in an attempt to follow the movement of the penguins.

It was also our favourite exhibit at the Bird Park by the way. Daddy thinks it's because the air-con.

As 10am loomed, we had to make our way to the Hawk Walk arena as di-di & I wanted to catch the 'Kings of the Skies' show.

But not before something pink made us pause for a brief moment.

I love the flamingos too, though I can never stand on one leg for such a long period.

We then made ourselves comfortable at the show arena, as we awaited for the Bird Kings to spread their wings.

The show was all about nature's most ferocious flying predators – eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures and owls - showcasing their might and prowess when hunting for their prey.

All these were a new experience for mei-mei, and she lapped it all up with relish.

As we made our way out after the show, we passed by an area which made di-di & I very excited.

It was the new Birdz Play area for kids, and it comes complete with water slides, water sprays, a giant tipping bucket, playground - much like the Rainforest Kidz at the Singapore Zoo.

It's still under construction though, but I already made Daddy & Mummy promise to bring us back when it was up and running. Woohoo!

More bird-watching then followed, as we made our way round the Bird Park.

We saw so many birds, but not all of the birds were real though. Heh.

We went to catch the 11am 'Birds N Buddies' show at the Pools Amphitheatre, which made di-di rather happy. 'Cos it meant that he could rest his legs!

And also nibble on some snacks! :P

The snacks made us even hungrier, and so after the show we went for an early lunch before moving onto our next highlight of the outing.

Feeding lories at the Lory Loft!

The last time when we were here, di-di was younger and he was quite afraid of the free flying lories. But now, I guess it's safe to say he treats them as good pals. Haha!

As for me, I have loved feeding them ever since our last trip to the Bird Park and fondly remember feeding them while they are perched on my shoulders. So it was good to see my old friends once again.

As for mei-mei, I think she was rather captivated by the sight of so many colourful birds whizzing past her. Either that, or it was because she was feeling drowsy after lunch.

She does look rather zoned out, doesn't she?

But anyway, di-di & I continued on our quest to fill more lories' tummies. And we were definitely enjoying it!

Our food for the lories dwindled soon enough, and we were all happy that they got their fill.

But our feeding experience were not over yet, as we flew over to the Ostrich enclosure next to feed some yummy bananas to the Ostriches!

That didn't make the a pelican very happy though.

So what to do? 

We had to feed them some fish too. Heh.

And I think it made them delirious!

As mid-afternoon approached, di-di & I were getting more tired as we had walked quite some distance while mei-mei just enjoyed sitting on her throne. We then decided to make the African Waterfall Aviary our last stop of the day before making our way home.

We definitely thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Bird Park, and I guess it was also a new experience for mei-mei since she has grown to be more aware of her surroundings now. Perhaps we should go back again soon?

With the 50% discount promotion til 3rd Novemeber, we just might. :)

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