Oct 22, 2011

First Birthday Parties

(Daddy muses)

How time really flies.

In about a week's time, Ale will turn one year old. YES, it has been almost one year already.

It only seemed like yesterday that I remember Ale as the crying infant drenched in amniotic fluid when I first laid my eyes on her. Now she is the (almost) walking crying (albeit occasionally) baby who everyone dotes on.

And so, as with every baby's first Birthdays, there is always the very important decision to make.

What kind of Birthday cake should we get?

Since one-year olds are not that adept in expressing their likes yet, it can often be mentally draining in picking the right Birthday cake, or rather, the right Cartoon character for him/her.

For Ash's first Birthday, he got an Elmo cake primarily because he flapped his arms the most excitedly whenever he saw Elmo's picture.

Luckily, he didn't flap his arms into the birthday cake.

As for Ayd's first Birthday, he was most excitable whenever Pocoyo appeared on TV. And so, it was pretty much a no-brainer.

And now, it's Ale's turn.

After all the themes dealing with Transformers, Hot Wheels, Diego, Dinosaurs over the years, the wifey can finally realize her eternal dream of organizing a girlie Birthday party for once with Ale. And trust me, she is very excited. The wifey I mean, not Ale.

But what cartoon character for her cake?

We realized that Ale has taken a special interest in cats. Whenever she sees one on the roads, she will point at it and mumble something.

And since we can't exactly make out what she is saying, we figured the cat-with-no-mouth will suit her.

Hello Kitty!

Boy, the wifey is going to have a field day organizing this Birthday party. She even has got the hair accessories aligned with the theme!

I hope I don't have to wear a Hello Kitty tee to the party though.

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