Nov 2, 2011

Ale's mini Birthday Celebration

Sunday was mei-mei's actual first Birthday. Although we had already threw a birthday bash in her honour 1.5 weeks back, we figured we might as well get another cake for a small celebration at Kong-kong's & Por-por's house on Sunday evening. Hee.

And yes, we still kept to the theme of Hello Kitty. :P

Well, it wasn't exactly intentional. Just that Daddy saw that Polar Puffs & Cakes was selling this particular Hello Kitty cake, and it was only $17.90. So... why not?

When it came to cutting the cake, di-di & I were fighting over the knife... erm, actually we were just being helpful.

In the end, all of three of us held the knife together and gave the cake one nice slice. And everyone was happy.

Once again, Happy Birthday dear mei-mei!

And with you turning one-year-old, this could only mean one thing - CHRISTMAS is on its way... WOOT! Can't wait!

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