Nov 7, 2011

Ash graduates

(Daddy gushes)

How time really flies!

Back in 2008 when Ash first entered pre-school, he was just a crying, whiny boy who took close to one month before he could finally stay cry-free in class. And he was of course our small sweet baby then.

N1, 2008

Now, this baby has all grown up.

K2, 2011

Boy, where did all those 4 years go?

Now, he's officially graduating from his K2 class and moving on to the next phase of his life come next year. Yup, the dreaded Primary School. Or at least I think the parents dread it more than the kids?

But before the worrying starts, just let the wifey and I savour this moment for now. :D

After the formalities of the Graduation, fun beckoned - in the form of a concert which all the pre-schoolers had painstakingly rehearsed for weeks, just to put on a good show for all parents.

And again, my little baby has come a long way since his maiden stage performance in 2008.

First public performance, 2008

Now, I think he is quite the seasoned pro!

But I am entitled to be biased of course. Heh.

Well, the spotlight wasn't entirely on Ash though because Ayd was also eager to put up a good show for his class' performance.

I think his facial expression said it all.

Obviously, he didn't disappoint. :)

And Ash made a special guest appearance in Ayd's dance segment too - dressed as an angel.

But I think the most important thing was that both of them enjoyed themselves tremendously on stage.

And as for Ale, she also enjoyed her 2 brothers' performances. In fact, she was bopping up and down to the rhythm of the music, right at the aisle!

There was only one item left - the Finale item where all kids gathered together on stage for a last song.

And of course, everyone including Ayd was all excited and raring to go.

Well, maybe not everyone. Hee.

As the kids were waiting outside the auditorium before the finale song, the girls decided to show their support for Ayd by venturing out to take a photo with him.

He even showed off a lipstick mark on his sleeve! But he didn't have any idea how it had gotten there. Haha!

And when the concert finally ended, it was safe to say everybody was happy. And erm, hungry too!

Thanks to all teachers for the hard work put into the concert, and of course especially to the teachers of Ash's class for the patience and care shown throughout Ash's 4 pre-school years.

Next year's will be an entirely new milestone for Ash, as well as the graduation of Ayd.

Definitely exciting times ahead. :)

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