Dec 26, 2011

Christmas Party Rocks!

Together with our buddies, we had a rockin' Christmas Party over the festive long weekend. And boy, did we had a blast!

The Christmas feast was sumptuous as usual, but that wasn't the attraction that di-di, mei-mei and I were looking forward to. Or the rest of the other children for that matter.

It was the PRESENTS! And we were made to sit in a neat straight line before we could receive them.

But the wait was definitely worth it!

I guess both Clara's and Sarah's facial expressions said it all. Heh.

As for mei-mei, she was too patiently waiting for her turn.

Once all the presents were in our hands, let the ripping begin!

We soon left a trail of paper carnage as we sought to consolidate our Christmas loot. :D

And this year, Aunty Jayne was the big Santa as she dolled out ALL our favourite presents!

Thanks, Aunty Jayne!

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with our presents.

That was until our play was interrupted by the Christmas log cake.

But we didn't mind that at all, because it was super duper yummy!!!

And this time, I guess di-di's mouth said it all huh?


We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas Party, and hope that you had a blast over the Christmas weekend as well! :)

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