Dec 30, 2011

The Jewel Box Hilltop Celebrations

In early December, Miss Melissa from the Mount Faber Leisure Group Pte Ltd had kindly invited us onboard the Christmas-themed Cable Cars and join in the Jewel Box's Hilltop Celebrations.

It had been a mad and busy... but all fun December and finally, di-di, mei-mei & I got the chance to accept the invitation yesterday.

Although we had been in a cable car before, it was our first time in a Singapore one. So yes, we were all still very much excited about the ride!

The cable car had blinking lights all around its exterior, while the interior was decorated in the Christmas theme. Very nice! But obviously, those weren't the stuff we monkies were excited about.

Seeing how high we were above the ground was.

And initial fears for mei-mei being afraid of the ride was quickly dispelled as she repeatedly struggled to break free from Mummy's grasp so as to stand on the seat without any aid. Garang huh?

See - she was trying to squirm her way out when Daddy was taking a photo of us.

But no matter, di-di & I still smiled ever so nicely for Daddy's camera. :D

The short ride quickly brought us to the Jewel Box atop Mount Faber where we stepped into the Christmas Village with lighted reindeer and spectacular lights adorning the area.

But the one that caught our attention - which we wanted very much to catch too - was the magical bubbles sweeping through the air!

Mei-mei was utterly fascinated by the magical bubbles. In fact, she tried to standing very still... hoping that one bubble might pop right in her palm. Heh.

Or perhaps sitting very still like a statue might help? :P

I guess not.

But at least she looks so cute.

Beside keeping ourselves busy with popping bubbles, there was a Christmas show that we could catch as well.

Ir's Singapore's first 3D Video Mapping Christmas Show, which uses the technique of 3D projection mapping to simulate a 3D illusion animating on physical objects.

Also, from 7.30pm to 10pm daily with half hourly intervals, there is the tale of of a little boy and a Christmas tree that one could watch.

And we did.

When that was done, we wandered about the Christmas village which had a replica of Santa’s Tree House. And if you are lucky, you can catch Santa in person and be mystified by a roving magician on certain days as well!

We weren't so lucky, but we did catch the beautiful night scene on our way back to HarbourFront in our cable car.

Thanks, once again, to the management of Mount Faber Leisure Group for having us!

Event Details:

The Jewel Box Hilltop Celebrations
Date: Now till 7 Jan 2012
Time: 6pm till late
Admission charges (for the month of December): $5* except 24 & 31 Dec ($15* charge applies)
*Charges are redeemable for retail products.
Free admission to the Jewel Box Hilltop Celebrations for Singapore Cable Car ticket holders, Sky Dining guests and the Jewel Box diners.

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