Dec 5, 2011

StanChart Kids Dash 2011

Yesterday was the annual Standard Chartered Marathon - Kids Dash version, and it was time once again for di-di & I to don our running shoes and pound the tarmac.

Di-di & I loved our bib names! Hee hee...

And for this year, our BFF Benji joined in the race too!

We were a tad early, so we sought temporary shelter (and comfort) inside Esplanade. It was Daddy's idea actually, because "got air-con mah".

Not that anyone of us complained.

Mei-mei was there as our official cheerleader, and also to gain experience as she would be more than eligible to race next year!

Soon it was time to head to the Starting Line!

Warming up at the last minute?

We met one of another friend, Brandon, at the Starting Line as well... and together, we were the Magnificent Four!

As soon as the air horn sounded, Benji & I were off like the wind, deftly side-stepping the rest of the other runners. But I was careful not to repeat the mistakes of my previous runs, where I used up all my energy in the first half of the run.

As for di-di & Brandon, they were not too far behind. But you have to give Mummy extra marks for lugging mei-mei in a carrier AND keeping pace with all of us! *clap clap*

The first half of the run was pretty much like the last few years, which was relatively smooth flowing.

The second half of the run then started to get really messy. For some reason, the organizers decided to merge the initial portion of the race from THREE lanes to ONE miserable lane. This caused a major bottleneck midway through the race and made every kid and parent slow down to an agonizing walk.

It was such a tight squeeze walking together with a mass of people cramped into one lane, and not to mention it was darn right stuffy too. Predictably, a lot of kids were getting impatient at having to walk instead of run and the parents were getting frustrated too with the perceived lack of proper planning.

As the Finish Line loomed nearer, the pace began to pick up and we kids started to run once again.

At long last, we finally passed the Finish Line!

There were jie-jies and kor-kors volunteers lined up alongside us, who congratulated us for a race well run by hi-fiving all the kiddos.

Although I think the bottles of water mattered to us more. Hee hee.

Tired and drenched in perspiration we may be, we were still very happy and proud with our Race medals!

We waited for Brandon's 2 other younger sisters to finish their run before we all headed back for a well-deserved rest. Oh, but not before a sumptuous lunch! Heh.

As for next year, Daddy says he would want to find out if the race conditions would be the same as this year's before deciding our participation again. We took part in the Kids Dash in 2009 and 2010 and we didn't encounter any problems in those 2 years.

If things don't improve, then we will just stick with the Cold Storage Kids' Run and the Dads For Life Father & Child Challenge at the Singapore Bay Run.

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